Get a large piece of our piesWho We AreGet an offer on your home with a mouse clickGet insider access to real estate opportunities.Send Us Great Deals

Get a large piece of our pies

Our investment offerings to the investors can be either equity partners, debt partners or both.

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Who We Are

Founded in 2012 as a real estate investment company, we identify, acquire, and reposition under-performing properties in stable or growing markets throughout the United States.

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Get an offer on your home with a mouse click

Sell your home and skip the hassle of listing, showings with uncertainty.

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Get insider access to real estate opportunities.

For flippers or landlords looking for good deals

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Send Us Great Deals

We buy on and off-market multi-family, offices and retails real estate properties via direct marketing and brokers.

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“Working with a real estate investor allows the seller to have more flexibility. Trying to navigate through the ins and outs of real estate can be a bit tricky and having you on the seller’s team allows them to feel confident that they will get the best deal for them. Realtors can only work within very limited parameters, but investors can find creative ways to maximize the benefits to both the seller and the buyer creating a win-win situation. When it comes to working with investors, you are one of the most knowledgeable I know. Your quick thinking, creative ideas and tenacity make for an excellent combination for both sellers and buyers. I would highly recommend you to anyone seeking to maximize the advantages available when it comes to selling their home!” –Lisa D. (Seasoned RE Investor)

“I’m glad I called your company. Just a note to say thanks for all that you do. Now that it’s sold, do you have an opportunity for me so I can invest with this money? “. The house was in original condition with tenants. We made offer within 48 hours and buy it in as is condition, and close on the time frame that worked for Jeannie.