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Get a large piece of our pies

Our investment offerings to the investors can be either equity partners, debt partners or both.

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Who We Are

Founded in 2012 as a real estate investment company, we identify, acquire, and reposition under-performing properties in stable or growing markets throughout the United States.

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Get an offer on your home with a mouse click

Sell your home and skip the hassle of listing, showings with uncertainty.

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Get insider access to real estate opportunities.

For flippers or landlords looking for good deals

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We buy on and off-market multi-family, offices and retails real estate properties via direct marketing and brokers.

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FAQs from our investors:

  1. How does the investing process work?
    • CA Asset Resort often identifies and filters out more than hundreds of properties to select one that has the value add potential for the purchase.
    • We then do our upfront leg works talking to brokers, attorneys, lenders, property managers, walking the properties, hiring professional inspectors and third parties to provide more information about the properties’ conditions and values. These steps are part of our due diligence on every property that meets our buying criteria.
    • Once a deal has been vetted and passed our multiple checkpoints, we’ll notify our qualified investors about the new investment opportunity along with the commitment letter for the desired capital contribution.
  2. What is the investing structure?
    • The property itself will be a newly established LLC as its own and separate corporate entity. We are the deal operator and manager of the investment LLC, and has the whole right to make decisions with the asset management and operations. Most investors partners are silent partners who receive ownership in the owner LLC.
    • As deal operator, we work with CPA, property managers and attorneys to prepare the necessary documents prior, during and after the acquisition of the asset so that our partners receive their ownership documents and tax documents as well as periodic updates from the investments.
    • We manage the deal from the time of securing loans from lenders, purchasing, holding to disposition. We share our analysis, due diligence as well as updates on the projects with our investor partners so that they can be informed to make educated investments.
    • We aim to minimize the risks and maximize returns. Our investment offerings to the investors can be either equity partners, debt partners or both.
  3. What is the differences between being a debt partner vs a equity partner investor?
    • Equity partners: As an equity partner, you get a percentage of asset ownership and cash flow  proportionally to the amount of capital contributed to the total raised. Thus the ownership shares are the collateral for your money.
    • Debt partners: As a debt partner, you’re like the second lender who loans money to the LLC with an agreed-upon interest rate in return until the debt is repaid. Unlike an equity partner, you don’t have any ownership interest in the real estate. The property is the  collateral for the money you invested.
  4. Who can invest with us?
    • They are sophisticated or accredited investors. Sophisticated investors are those who have substantial experience and experience with real estate investments and educations in the past so that they can make educated decisions. They have the work or financial experience in real estate.
    • Accredited investors are those who must qualify based on income or net-worth individually or combined with spouses. They have the financial ability to bare the risk of losing their capital contribution.
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