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Our investment offerings to the investors can be either equity partners, debt partners or both.

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Who We Are

Founded in 2012 as a real estate investment company, we identify, acquire, and reposition under-performing properties in stable or growing markets throughout the United States.

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Get an offer on your home with a mouse click

Sell your home and skip the hassle of listing, showings with uncertainty.

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Get insider access to real estate opportunities.

For flippers or landlords looking for good deals

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We buy on and off-market multi-family, offices and retails real estate properties via direct marketing and brokers.

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Trust Deed Investing

Trust Deed Investing – What You Should Know

An investor might have experience with investment vehicles such as stocks and bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, CDs, and REITs. While these options are common to general population but, they are considered highly volatile and the presented opportunity is wide open to large pool of other investors-which can diminish returns.

Other investors may choose real estate as an alternative investment vehicle. After all, real estate has made many investors very wealthy. However, it requires active management and reasonable understanding of the real estate market cycles.

With trust deed investing, we structure short-term loans on real estate properties purchased by investors who use that money to buy, renovate, and resell properties. We offer flexible private financing thus help the borrowers access to quick cash for their next project. In return, they pay us interest on that money, and sometimes even allow us to share in the appreciation on the property when they resell.

Here are some material for you to review about Trust Deed Investing.

Click here for a Bureau of Real Estate’s Publication – RE 35

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The Federal Reserve has substantially reduced interest rates to all time low. Savings and retirement accounts that are sitting in regular accounts or CDs are generating little to no income. If you look for an alternative way to invest in real estate, trust deed investing may be the answer for you. Investing in deed of trust that is secured by real estate properties can give investors high rate of return and predictable cash-flow. This is a perfect solution for people looking for additional income without having to deal with tenants and landlords. The source of funds can come from self-direct IRA, Savings, Retirement and 401K funds. If you are interested in learning more about this exciting lending opportunity, please contact us today.

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